Colin Martin

Colin Martin


Colin Martin is the Director of Martin Real Estate and will be the main point of contact for the project.

Colin’s experience spans over 40 years. He is a fully licensed principal Real Estate Agent, completed Law 1, 2 & 3; Accounting 1, 2 & 3; Practice 1, 2 & 3 and graduated in 1988, Agency practice and has Diploma in property.

Colin has vast experience in property and development. He has played a strategic role in a large number of developments in the Northern Region, including residential, commercial and industrial developments. Colin is not just a real estate agent but has been a developer of property himself involving subdivisions, design and construction.

As a marketer, Colin has been innovative with ideas for strategic outcomes, and a focus on higher and better use for property and people and community at large. Not all projects have had a financial reward, many of the projects have been for the benefit of the community (his contribution of giving back).

Colin can provide input on market research, feedback on the challenges, trends for outcomes analysing the market place, from street scape to marketing and sales.

Colin has many connections within the building industry in S.A. and works with Adelaide’s largest building companies. His important network gives credibility and provides opportunities to invite developers and builders to bring their product to the table.

Colin is a well-known member of UDIA and associates with many members, from all walks of life, within the building industry.

Colin is passionate about marketing and creating value for the project and will regularly report to the Project Sponsor. As mentioned previously, he is experienced in all facets of Real Estate. He has been actively involved and successful in marketing a number of land developments. Colin has recently completed the sales of allotments in Emerald Green Development for Salisbury Council, finalizing the last stage of the project.

Colin employs a team of 7 people who are well qualified and experienced in the real estate industry.

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