, 6 Heaslip Road, Waterloo Corner SA


Waterview has been identified by industry leaders as one of the most valuable and logical development opportunities in the State, delivered properly and sensitively to the States requirements it could well be an economic answer on many fronts!

Waterview Development has now become available for sale! (subject to council consent and planning approval)

Waterview Development Proposal & the submission to Government is based on contemporary planning ideas and policies that are generally consistent with the State Governments objectives in relation to jobs and the economic development in the 30 year plan.

We have secured this strategic parcel of land comprising of 74 properties some (402 hectares).

Colin Martin represents 132 landowners and has been appointed the official contact on behalf of the landowners in the lodgement of the Waterview Estates "Response to Playford Growth Area Structure Plan and Associated Development Plan Amendment for Greater Edinburgh Parks" to Government. Notwithstanding two thirds of the land mass is within the Playford Council District Area and one third within the Salisbury City Council Area.

Government has been advised that the Waterview Estate Development has been prepared to work collaboratively with Government and other land owners in the Edinburgh Parks Precinct to comply and to coordinate planning and development solutions for the entire precinct. Colin's experience and knowledge of the Northern Region over the past 36 years has been responsible for other residential developments within the region and his motivation has been primarily market driven.

Over the last 7 years, we have been dealing with various Ministers & wanting to comply and compliment the States Structure Plan for the region. We believe our timing is right in the current release of this Estate, not only from a development prospective but a State Economic driver for the building industry and meeting market demands that are currently not being addressed in the middle social economic groups. Not forgetting the importance of affordable housing but resolutions in the correct pitch to the market in view of our current economic realities, we target similar economic groups that have taken up developments and housing not too different to this proposal such as Mawson Lakes but with more economic drivers and partnership with employment strategies for this region in the areas of support for the transport industry & training, horticultural training requirements and employment with the focus of supplying workers to our food bowl throughout the Virginia, Two Wells region and complimenting Governments views a strategic mining research hub, creating a place to work and live. It represents simply, a lifestyle or a style of life.

There are major economic benefits we believe providing infrastructure to this region and making it affordable and attractive to industry to want to develop businesses to the region at an affordable cost.

Environmentally - this parcel is a strategic piece in the Tonkin Report for stormwater disbursement and harvesting, not to mention the benefits of recharging the aquifer.

Carbon Imprint - The parcel is placed within the centre of four main arterial roads, the northern expressway, Heaslip Road, Highway 1 (Port Wakefield Road) and Waterloo Corner Road, 20 minutes from Adelaide CBD, 35 minutes from the Barossa Valley, 17 minutes to Port Adelaide and our coastal front, 13 minutes to Elizabeth City Centre and 10 minutes to Salisbury City Centre. Transport close by with a rail link freight line.

Waterview is a well connected, extremely well placed development proposal that is not just physically and socially connectible, but it is logical in any planning terms.

We are seeking an Expression of Interest by either a single consortium or multiple parties and groups. We have already gained strong local and national interest but also have financial interest from overseas. We seek a registration of interest and will provide a more formal memorandum on request.

Please contact Colin Martin to arrange a meeting to discuss this proposal opportunity.

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