585-595 Salisbury Highway, Green Fields SA

Great opportunity to set up your business
Flexible in floor space
300,600,900 sqm
Plenty of parking
Taking advantage of the exposure for your business
Could be a pivoting point in attracting new business for your product
Construction will be erected to accommodate floor space for manufacturing, office space, show room
Quality in design
Has carefully been thought through
Traffic count 41,800 cars per day

Be early to select!

The location is prime. The key word in our marketing is exposing your business. The location will speak for itself. Many other businesses including Hungry Jacks, KFC and BP have all shared in the success of the exposure that this road will offer you.

The owner is prepared to build tilt up premises to your specifications. The rent will be determined at a square meterage rate based on your requirements. Standard, quality and fit out can all be determined by you. There will be an option in the construction for showroom display, however this fit out would be at a higher rate and we would be prepared to negotiate a total rent for warehouse, factory, showroom and one rate or prepared to split them into two separate uses. A per square meter $ value on the factory and a per square meter $ value on the showroom offices.

This may seem vague however once we meet you on site, show you what we're prepared to construct and tailor it to your business, it will make a great deal of sense.

Feel free to contact me for a no obligation discussion.

Colin Martin 0412 822 166

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