Yun Lian

Account Manager/Company Assistant

Yun Lian is from Shanghai in China, and is a highly motivated young lady. She speaks two languages and has played an important role connecting Martin Real Estate to the Chinese market, together with our association with the Australian China Business Council.

Yun graduated from

  • The University of Technology Sydney - Bachelor of Business;
  • The University of Adelaide - Master of Accounting and Performance Management Degree;
  • Ironwood Careers and Training - Diploma of Marketing;

Yun has a good knowledge of Marketing and completed units in

  • Manage budgets and financial plans
  • Analyse data from international markets
  • Profile international markets
  • Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities
  • Establish and adjust the marketing mix
  • Plan market research
  • Interpret Market Trends and Developments
  • Implement and monitor marketing activities

Martin Real Estate has been in business for over 40 years. Yun Lian’s role within the company covers many areas of Marketing and Financial advice.

  • Yun has provided a high quality and timely financial analysis in business performance and supporting business decisions on a daily/monthly/annual basis.
  • Yun’s preparation of weekly planning reports that have assisted the financial planning and forecasting of the company. Such reports have covered cash flows, profit and loss and balance sheet in accordance with accounting standards and industry standards.
  • Yun has presented information on a board level, interpreting the implications for business performance and funding needs. This is valuable for the running of the day to day business but more valuable in providing forecasting for developments with which our business is actively involved.
  • Yun’s provision of technical accounting advice, strategies and policy setting, including tax and legislative advice has been a great asset and assisted the running of our organisation, together with trust accounts, ledgers for Property Management, both residential and commercial, and the company accounts, in addition to a family trust.
  • Yun’s Master of Accounting and Performance Management Degree has brought valuable expertise to the company ensuring that we are well informed with all statutory and compliance requirements being met.
  • Yun has provided to the Managing Director reports and process improvement for financial reporting, associated with all areas of our company from the day to day running of the business to tendering for Contracts in the Private Sector and Government.
  • One of Yun’s strong points is assessing capital finance proposals and the financial status of operational projects. Such projects relate to the economic feasibility of urban land to subdivisions and providing an economic forecast for the development. Such charts are in graphic form together with numbers and flowcharts. This is valuable in pitching for business as every development requires an economic reality. Her Degree and accounting experience has provided confidence for the company to pitch for larger contracts and gives the business the ability to grow to the next level.
  • Yun's role has also covered payroll, taxation, lodgement of PAYG and BAS, managing accounts in both sales and property management, together with handling all financial support with our commercial trust account and commercial property management.
  • Yun has provided numerous reports providing capitalisation of net returns for property investments in both residential and commercial. A large part of our business is handling commercial developments of a large nature that also involves offshore investments.

Yun's accounting degree and marketing knowledge has added valuable support to our company and she is a highly regarded employee of our organisation. 

Yun is also the Company’s Financial Administration Officer and Colin’s Personal Assistant.

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