Brian Morgan

Property Consultant

Brian is well known and well respected in real estate.

Brian is a people’s person and has the interest of the client at heart at all times.

Brian is honest in all things; nothing is too much trouble. He is motivated to complete tasks and to obtain the satisfaction of a happy customer.

Brian’s was the owner of Fernilee Lodge and Alden Manor, well-known restaurants.  Brian has retained contact with old clients over the years. Many people have referred friends and family to Brian.

Brian has an old school approach; a handshake is his word. 

Brian’s success in South Australia speaks for itself, a great Real Estate Agent. 

We are proud to have Brian as a part of our team.

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" Dear Brian "

Thank you very much for phoning me yesterday and advising that a deposit has now been paid for the purchase of our house in Gover St. North Adelaide. Thanks to you an excellent result has been achieved. But more particularly thank you for the professional way in which you handled the sale process. From the time my wife and I met you to discuss selling the house you demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the housing market in North Adelaide which became the over-riding reason why we selected you to handle the sale for us. The fact that you were able to secure an offer on the house before going to market demonstrated to us your expertise in the real estate business. You will recall my apprehension that the figure you were suggesting as the selling price was beyond the current market for homes in the area. You were right and I was wrong! On top of this professional recognition I would commend you on your personal approach in dealing with my wife and me. Your courtesy, and integrity were present each time you met with us - characteristics not always present in the real estate industry. My wife and I trust that you have a most enjoyable Christmas ad hope that 2018 brings with it all you would wish for.

Graham Inns

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